Urban Impressions

Urban Impressions is a photobook publisher promoting image projects that encourage us to reflect on the urban landscape. Established by Le Flâneur – the random urban photographer, the aim is to publish a variety of responses to the urban environment.

The first two projects involve a reflection on London’s second river, the Lea, Meandering along the Lea and a rather different perspective on the pavements of Paris, Piss art Paris.

An alternative view of the Lea river in London, Borderlands, explores liminal space. A London commute is one of many approaches we have taken to exploring the experience of travelling across London on the bus.

The two most recent projects involve another view of the London commute, Action or extinction and a celebration of walking the streets of Paris, Paris random.

We have added a new publication – A Journey Along the Lea – another exploration of London’s second river the Lea. Many Londoners don’t even know that it exists.

All these publications can be purchased from the Blurb bookstore.

We are working on some longer format projects that extend these initial explorations.