The random urban photographer

An intoxication comes over the man who walks long and aimlessly through the street. With each step, the walk takes on greater momentum; ever weaker grow the temptations of shops, of bistros, of smiling women, ever more irresistible the magnetism of the next street corner, of a distant mass of foliage, of a street name.
– Walter Benjamin



This aimless meandering through the streets appears to have no plan or purpose. But this randomness is the flâneur’s rationale – to experience the life of the city by surrendering to it’s ebb and flow – the chance encounters and unexpected discoveries, which can only be revealed through the act of walking.

It is these discoveries that we stumble across when we are perhaps looking for something else that was the genesis for creating this photographic journal – a visual diary of my meandering journeys and interests.

Follow Le flâneur’s walks, a series of photo essays – each which commenced with a random observed moment that led to the next street corner and a new departure…

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