Highgate Wood
rue de Cascades Paris 20eme
MK2 cinema Quai de la Seine - Paris 19eme
Stolpersteine Kirschfeldstrasse 145 Dusseldorf-Friedrichstadt; Henriette Lion
London southbank
Costa Coffee Archway station
Kings Cross Central
Rothschild Blvd
Jaffa Port
Dead Sea
The game of monopoly
superman - haringey green lanes festival

The flâneur appears to meander through the streets without plan or purpose. But this randomness is the flâneurs rationale - to experience the life of the city by surrendering to its ebb and flow - the chance encounters and unexpected discoveries, which can only be revealed through the act of walking. Follow le flâneurs walks...

Rue Des Rosiers, Mosko et Associés - Paris 4ème

Paris Street Art

If you like street art Paris is a great city to explore. My rambling walk through Paris’s open air street galleries traverses the 20ème in the north east of Paris and the surrounding districts, along the Canal Saint Martin and other locations in the city. A street art walk on Invisible Paris Walks was the catalyst to re-…

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lovelock wall - pont des arts

Paris Lovelocks

The lovelocks of Pont des Artes have transformed to form a wall of multi-coloured locks on the surface of the bridge - a pattern of little shapes declaring undying love and togetherness. As the real estate of the main bridge becomes oversubscribed the locks have found their way to the bridge approaches - and other bridges i…

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Kings Cross Journeys

From 67 acres of post-industrial landscape around Kings Cross station a new district is arising from the detritus of of the 'railway lands' that were built in the 1850s and 60s. New streets and public squares are being created as well as thousands of new homes, and a university campus. Granary square is host to the new camp…

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Blumenstrasse 9 Düsseldorf; David and Johanna Altmann

Stolpersteine in Düsseldorf

These small brass plaques, lodged in the pavement, are a reminder of the countless individual lives that make up the clinical statistics that confound our ability to assimilate the horror of the millions who died under Nazi 're-settlement'. The idea is simple - each 'stone' includes the name, year of birth, date of deportat…

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The Eagle

London from the bus

This is a glimpse of my daily commute and travels across London by bus - seen through the screen of the top deck. A series of fleeting momentary glances of a familiar landscape as the bus lurches and sways through the streets of London. My London journey covers a mix of London landscapes and districts from the leafy north, …

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Legs £7 each

Random London

Through my journeys across London I often come across a rather random collection of images that interest me but don't really fit into a larger group. So here we have a somewhat fragmented collection . Its a combination of parks, re-develevelopment sites and high streets, reflecting the changing urban landscape in London.

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To Let

London Southbank

I love walking along London Southbank - here a just a few things that have caught my eye...... Continue reading

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Lyme Regis - west dorset

Beach huts – friends welcome, relatives by appointment

Beach huts can be found across seaside resorts in the UK - little miniature homes on the high-tide mark. Their history goes back to the origins of the seaside resort - and the idea that the beach and the sea could offer restorative powers - initially an option only for the wealthy. The ancestor of the beach hut was the bath…

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Albert loves Emily - made in China


I first came across lovelocks on a bridge in a small italian town, Cannobio on Lago Maggiore. Over a year later I found the Pont des Artes in Paris covered in a multi-cultural spread of padlocks offering public declarations of undying love. Always known as a meeting place for lovers it was something new to see a tapestry of…

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5 rue de la Cigogne

Brussels – an afternoon stroll

An afternoon stroll through St-Gilles in Brussels - looking at doorways. The spiralling twisted shapes of art nouveau doors and cartoon pictures on roller doors...... Continue reading

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Highgate wood

Highgate Wood – London

Highgate Wood is my local park - a place to walk, dream, relax and play. Part wildlife reserve, part Victorian park it lies on the ridge just below Highgate village. A remnant of the ancient forest of Middlesex, today it's an extension of our backyards - with a semblance of the village life in the urban metropolis. In the s…

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Pastorplatz 1 Aachen - Edith, Anne & Margot Frank

Stolpersteine in Aachen

Aachen the German border town that straddles Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium is probably best known for its Cathedral - the oldest in Northern Europe and the burial site of Charlemagne. The 'Imperial Cathedral' is a magnificent structure, composed of several distinct buildings constructed at various stages in its long…

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Düsseldorfer Weihnachtsmarkt

For the past 12 years I have spent Christmas in Düsseldorf - and each year I head to the Weihnachtsmarkt, the traditional Christmas market. For a month a little rural village arises on the streets of Düsseldorf. Spread across the Altstadt are lines of stalls selling traditional wooden toys, socks, crystals, and candles - …

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Garden Barge Square - Reeds Wharf, looking east

Garden barge square – an oasis on the thames

Reeds wharf on the southern side of the thames near Tower bridge is home to a floating garden - formed from a series of barges at the 200 year old Downings road moorings. The garden square is home to 70 residents with the gardens literally sitting on the barge roofs. Its a green oasis surrounded by the steel and glass of lu…

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Arriete, Lanzarote


César Manrique's enduring impact on Lanzarote is impossible to avoid. An artist and architect, he recognised the potential of tourism but also its dangers. It led him to impose strict guidelines on development, aimed at preserving the integrity of the local architecture and community. As a consequence Lanzarote is not bli…

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Rue Denoyez - Paris 20ème

Les murs de Paris encore

A recent trip to Paris in November 2011 encouraged me to re-trace some of the steps I had taken when I first created the series, 'Les Murs de Paris'. I wanted to see what had changed and what had remained the same over the five years that had passed from my initial walks around the city. Many of the things I photographed in…

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The game of monopoly

We are the 99% – Occupy London Stock Exchange

'We are the 99%' is the refrain from Wall Street to London, from Oakland to Tel Aviv. A growing chorus of international resistance to the maintenance of the status quo following the impact of the financial crisis on individuals and societies across the developed world. As the 99% suggests the frustration lies with growing i…

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Jerusalem - Western Wall

Jerusalem – old city

The old city of Jerusalem is an intense experience with the competing forces of so many gods and religions - all vying for supremacy. The disputed sites, memorials and interpretations create a bizarre overlay on an ancient city of the ghosts of past civilizations. Yet there is also a continuum, such as the ancient Armenian …

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

A recent wedding took le flaneur to Tel Aviv, a city which in many ways embodies the vision of the founders of modern Israel, reflected in its Bauhaus inspired architecture, signalling a modernist drive to create a new urban ideal. The city follows the contours of the coast and was built on the sand dunes to the north of th…

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Rocco Pod

London series – Harringay Green Lanes food festival

The Green Lanes Food Festival celebrates the diverse mix of communities that live in and around Green Lanes. On 18 September 2011 almost 20,000 people walked down Green Lanes - just one month after the London riots. Green Lanes itself is an ancient London thoroughfare that was originally a cattle route from Hertfordshire to…

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Pancras Road N1

London series – Kings Cross

Behind the glorious facade of St Pancras station and the newly renovated platforms that deliver us to exotic European destinations lies a post industrial landscape. The district north of St Pancras and KIngs Cross rail stations is an area in re-generation - one of the largest areas of re-development in central London. But a…

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Le-flâneur - the metropolitan wanderer

The random urban photographer

An intoxication comes over the man who walks long and aimlessly through the street. With each step, the walk takes on greater momentum; ever weaker grow the temptations of shops, of bistros, of smiling women, ever more irresistible the magnetism of the next street corner, of a distant mass of foliage, of a street name.… Continue reading

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What I see from the London bus

I’ve been continuing to explore London streets from the viewpoint of the bus – what started as a bit of a distraction from my occassional commutes to west central london from my north london home has grown. I’ve been taking other routes and watching the London landscape pass by. Some of the more recent images are along Holloway Road … Continue reading

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